Apple Store Cuts Back Workforce


Well, it looks like the Apple Store is seeing some restructuring. Reports are coming in that employees are getting cut. If you’re working at an Apple Store, your job might not be safe.

Eric Slivka:

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been receiving reports that Apple has been laying off a number of recently-hired staff members at its retail stores. Most of the reports have been coming from Apple retail employees in the United Kingdom, but several of these reports claim that similar actions are taking place at stores around the world. We’ve also been receiving reports of long-term cutbacks in hours for part-time staff in the United States and Canada.

While this is certainly bad for everybody either losing their jobs or getting their hours cut back, this might actually end up being an important move for the Apple Store. Profitability is a key reason why Apple has continued to grow, and this might be what is needed to keep the Apple Stores with high profits. I’d rather have a slightly under-staffed Apple Store than no Apple Store.

In my experience at the Christiana Mall Apple Store here in Delaware, I often see staff just standing around in the crowded room. Maybe an internal audit has shown that a decrease in employees will actually be beneficial to customers. Heck, this might be fallout from the recent Employee Benefit Plan. If each employee costs more for Apple, less job slots are available.

What do you think this means? Is this a bad sign for the Apple Stores? Let’s talk it out in the comment section below this post.

Source: MacRumors

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