Apple Still Faces Australian Court Despite iPad Rebranding

Apple may have rebranded their new iPad in an effort to placate Australian courts, but the courts are having none of it. Their original claim of the iPad as 4G ran afoul of Australian watchdogs, as 4G isn’t available in that country and, thus, telling Australian customers that they’re buying a 4G product is misleading. Apple capitulated by changing the wording so as to defer any misleading implications about what the product offered (calling it “iPad WiFi + Cellular”). Alas, that didn’t quite do the trick.

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission is unimpressed, and told SmartHouse “Any move by Apple to cease using the descriptor of ‘4G’ will mitigate against the ACCC’s concerns but will not deal with any past conduct.”   Slashgear has a bit more on the story:

[quote]…with Apple’s wholesale rebrand, it was assumed by many that the consumer confusion issue would go away. The ACCC’s decision to continue to pursue the case – based on Apple’s previous behaviors, irregardless of however they may have changed today – suggests the Cupertino company may not be off the hook quite so readily.[/quote]

The court case is set to start on June 4.

Source: Slashgear

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