Apple Spills The Beans On Its Retail Store Traffic

On the back of all the hubbub about Apple’s planned, and then unplanned, employee layoffs at the Apple Store, Apple has released information on store traffic to the public. So far this fiscal year, the company has seen 300 million visitors through their 375 stores worldwide, which breaks down to be about 3500 visitors per day, per store.

Jim Dalrymple, for the Loop:

According to Apple, the company has seen almost 300 million worldwide visitors so far in its fiscal 2012, which started in October 2011 … There is also an interesting data point from Apple’s retail Genius Bar. According to the company, 50,000 people get serviced at a Genius Bar around the world, every single day. That’s a lot of appointments.

Back when news broke about Apple’s planned layoffs, we pointed out that Apple needed to hire more people at the Apple Store as opposed to laying them off. The logic is pretty simple: when was the last time you were in an Apple store mid-day and able to find someone to help you? Every time I’m in the local store, it takes me a while to track an employee down. The store is always packed, and rarely empty. Consumer frustrations with the checkout process and general employee availability has been something we’ve heard quite a bit about over the last couple of years.

Personally, I think the process is pretty stellar already when compared to the competition in the retail space; however, I also think they could stand to hire a few more people to work the floor during traditional business hours.

Source: The Loop

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