Apple now shipping Lion on a USB stick to customers in need


Apple has begun shipping USB sticks with Lion on it to the customers who ordered them, or need them for extreme restoration reasons. The sticks, much like the USB stick that shipped with the MacBook Air of yester-year, gives customers with poor Internet connections the ability to install Lion hassle free.

For the most part the drive comes in at $69, but some customers may qualify for a free USB stick. Apple Care support has been given the green light to ship the USB sticks to customers who have had drive failures, so long as the user can’t restore from the restore partition on their computer.

If you find yourself needing a physical device for peace of mind, but you don’t want to actually pay for the drive itself, we have a couple of articles that will help you create your own Lion USB stick or DVD.

Source: 9to5Mac
Via: MacNN

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