Apple set to introduce small business support plan “Joint Venture”

Could Apple be announcing a new small business support plan this week as well as a new iPad? Apple Insider seems to think so. According to its sources, a new support plan aimed at small business was unveiled at the secretive all hands meeting for Apple retail employees this Sunday. The priority service plan would cost $500 per year, and would provide businesses with coverage of 5 Mac systems, head of the line access to repairs and Genius Bar, and a dedicated Genius support line at Apple head office.

According to a source, other services include personal setup data transfer, installation and configuration of Microsoft Exchange on a new Mac, group training sessions (up to 3 sessions per year, for up to 8 people at a time) and web scheduling of support appointments with Apple Genius technicians. Additionally, for repairs that will take longer than 24 hours, customers may be able to borrow 15-inch MacBook Pros with iWork and MS Office to use in the interim. Apple will reportedly continue to offer its AppleCare and One to One plans alongside Joint Venture.

Launching with the slogan “Get Setup. Get Trained. Keep Running,” the service is set to be officially announced March 2 in the US and March 3 in the UK.

Apple’s existing ProCare plan offers some of the same benefits as this new plan, such as complete system set up, advance Genius Bar reservations, priority repair, and head of the line access to the Genius Bar. ProCare is only available for individuals, so it sounds like Apple is expanding its focus when it comes to customer support. If Apple is making inroads into business markets, having such a plan in place would definitely make the decision for many businesses a lot more enticing.

Article Via Apple Insider

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