Apple Sells Record Number Of Apple TVs

Apple Sells 2 Million Apple TVs During Q1 2013

During Q1 2013, Apple sold 2 million Apple TVs. This number sets a new record for Apple TV sales. According to these sales figures, the Apple TV has grown 60% year over year, when comparing Q1 results in 2012 to the latest Q1 numbers for 2013. This growth is larger than the increase for both the iPad and iPhone during Q1 2013.

When Tim Cook was asked by Piper Jaffary of Gene Munster about the future of the Apple TV, Tim Cook refused to comment on the question beyond the standard “This is an area of intense interest for us.” Jaffary has asked the same question during the past few Apple earnings calls and has gotten the same answer. Mr. Piper “An Apple Television Is Coming” Jaffary has insisted that Apple’s working on a full blown TV for the last couple of years now.

If you’re unaware, the Apple TV is a set top box that is used to connect standard HDTVs to the web. The Apple TV can stream content from a user’s Mac or PC and can also stream content from the iTunes store. Netflix, Hulu Plus and Wall Street Journal Live as well as other media streaming channels are also available to be streamed via the Apple TV. The Apple TV currently retails for $99 via the Apple Online Store.

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