Apple seals deal with EMI, Sony and Universal not far behind

Apple Cloud

Apple has been in the process of creating its iCloud music service for a while now. GigaOm reported in April that Apple was rumored to have purchased the domain name from a Swedish media company for $4.5 million. This is unconfirmed however, as the Whois databases still shows the Swedish company Xcerion as the current owner of the domain name.

CNET reports that Apple has just inked a deal with EMI records which brings the company much closer to launching their new iCloud music service. Sources say that Universal and Sony are not far behind, and once Apple has both of them on board there will be nothing to stop iCloud from launching with some serious recording industry backing.

If Apple succeeds in signing deals with all three of these record companies, Google and Amazon will have something serious to worry about, as Apple will have a large stable of record companies behind its iCloud offering. Apple’s competitors have had a hard time coming up with the licensing deals they need to truly make their services a success in the online media world.

There is a very good chance that we will learn many more details about these deals at WWDC in June, when we find out more about Apple’s plans for iOS, iTunes, and the Mac. Time will only tell what Apple has in store for its cloud music offerings, but one thing is for sure—they will be a whole lot better than what Apple is offering today via iTunes.

Article Via CNET

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