Apple rolls out Pulse and asks customers to sign up

As MacRumors reports, Apple started sending out invitations to their new feedback program called Apple Customer Pulse. This program is designed for Apple to collect customer feedback over a longer period of time. Users who sign up for Pulse will receive up to two surveys per month asking them to tell Apple about their experiences with their products.

Apple sent out survey forms in the past, asking their customers to give them feedback about their recently purchased products. Pulse, however, will be a new community where the members participate in conversations and are welcome to tell the company about their thoughts on products and Apple Inc. itself.

Apple values your opinion and invites you to participate in a survey about your Apple products. Your responses will remain completely confidential, and results will be viewed only in aggregate. The survey should take five minutes or less to complete.

This an interesting idea with a lot of potential behind it. By asking their customers to participate in continuous surveys and share their thoughts over a longer period of time, Apple can start analyzing their customers. The company will be able to see their customers’ initial thoughts and feelings. Getting information about those a few months later or maybe a year later provides valuable information for Apple, who can see what changed for the better, and what for the worse, giving them a nearly direct insight into their customers’ minds.

Pulse is run by Socratic Technologies, a market research firm based in San Francisco.

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