Apple Rolls Out Mavericks, iTunes Update


Apple has rolled out an update for Mavericks (10.9.3), and an update for iTunes (11.2). In addition to the basic “stability, compatibility, and security” tweaks that we usually see in these kinds of updates, Apple has also included support for 4K monitors in the latest Mac Pro (2013), and Retina Macbook Pro.

What else is included?

  • You can now sync contacts and calendars between Macs and iOS using a usb connection.
  • VPN connections that make use of IPSec have seen a few bugs squashed, ultimately leading to more reliability with the connection.
  • An update for Safari 7.0.3 has been included as well.

The iTunes update brings with it better podcast management tools, including an easier way to find previously unlistened to episode, an ability to save favourite episodes, as well as an auto-delete function that will delete episodes once you’ve listened to them. All handy tools for those of you out there that spend a lot of time listening to podcasts.