Apple Releases iOS Security Guide To The Public

Apple has released a 20 page document that outlines iOS security and all the fine, fine security practices that are implemented throughout iOS ranging from Secure Boot Chains through to remotely wiping the contents of iOS devices (PDF). Clearly aimed at less than knowledgeable IT professionals that are suddenly expected to support iOS devices on their corporate networks, the document aims at alleviating IT managers’ assumptions about the lack of security features in iOS, and instead provides them with in-depth information on how they can secure their mobile workforce.

Perhaps the second paragraph of the document provides some real insights into why IT Managers prefer competing products (emphasis is ours and not Apple’s):

iOS devices provide stringent security technology and features, and yet also are easy to use. The devices are designed to make security as transparent as possible. Many security features are enabled by default, so IT departments don’t need to perform extensive configurations. And some key features, like device encryption, are not configurable, so users cannot disable them by mistake.

The contents of the document focuses on system architecture, data protection and encryption, network security, and device access tools. The document is worth a read, even if you’re not in the IT business. It’s nice to know the tools that are at your disposal to protect your personal devices.

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