Apple Reduces Thunderbolt Cable Price, Intros Shorter Cable

Apple has just introduced a new and shorter Thunderbolt cable. This cable measures 0.5 meters, while the original Thunderbolt cable had a size of 2.0 meters. This cable provides all of the same functionality and speed as its older brother and retails for $29.00 in the United States. You can purchase this cable right now via the Apple Online Store.

The original 2.0 meter long Thunderbolt cable has been given a minor price cut. You can grab one of Apple’s longer Thunderbolt cables for a whopping $39.00. This is a $10 price cut from its previous price of $49.00.

Apple lowering the price of its official Thunderbolt cable makes a lot of sense considering a ton of new Thunderbolt goodies were released during this week’s CES 2013 expo. Some of these companies include Belkin, which gave more information on its Thunderbolt Express Dock, LaCie, which announced a 20TB Thunderbolt RAID array, and GIGABYTE, which announced Thunderbolt enabled motherboards. Since these Thunderbolt devices are slowly becoming more popular, Apple wants to make sure people are buying its cables. Lowering the prices of them would do that.

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