Happy Earth Day: Apple Now Recycling All Apple Products For Free

If it has an Apple logo, it’s recyclable at the Apple Store. Apple has announced that it will begin recycling all Apple products for free with an in-store drop off program for customers:

Every Apple Retail Store in the world will take back Apple products for free, responsible recycling. We’ve also set up recycling programs in cities and college campuses in 95 percent of the countries where our products are sold, diverting more than 421 million pounds of equipment from landfills since 1994.

It gets a bit better than that too, Apple will also give you a gift card if your iPhone, iPad, or Mac is in good enough shape to be resold.

Basically, taking your Apple gear to the store is win-win. You may walk away with some cash to spend in the store, or at the very least make sure your device is being dismantled in a responsible way.

It’s stuff like this that makes it easy to support a company like Apple.

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