Apple Reports $7.5 Billion In Profit For Q4 2013

Apple today reported $7.5 billion in profits for the fourth quarter 2013 that ended on September 28th, 2013. The Cupertino-based tech giant sold a record 33.8 million iPhones during the quarter, a whopping 6.9 million more phones than quarter four 2012. The company also reported 14.1 million iPad sales, just 100,000 more than quarter four 2012, and only 4.6 million Mac sales, down from 4.9 million from quarter four 2012. iPod sales dropped 35% from Q4 2012 as well, with only 3.49 million units sold.

Apple brought in $37.5 billion in revenue, up from $35.3 billion last quarter, and beat expectations by $0.68 billion. The company also beat earnings per share (EPS) expectations of $7.92 per share by reporting an EPS of $8.26 per diluted share.

As far as revenue specifics go, Apple saw revenue jumps in Asia with the Japanese and Chinese markets increasing revenue by 40% and 6% respectively. It’s also worth noting that iTunes alone brought in $4.4 billion in revenue while physical Apple Stores brought in $4.5 billion in sales during the quarter.

Image Source: Ala’a Esmaiel
Via: CultofMac

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