Apple preps for launch

Apple Cloud

OK. So the world’s worst kept secret in technology has finally been revealed — iCloud is set to appear at this year’s WWDC. However, while we know there’s an official reveal coming, exact details still remain murky. Will Apple just be showing off iCloud’s features, or is it going to go further and in typical shocking fashion announce it’s going live that day?

Only time will tell. It certainly would be a coup for Apple if it launched iCloud, especially with Microsoft holding its annual E3 keynote the same day.

Anyway, back to the developments on Apple’s domain registration. It certainly suggests a movement towards a full launch. Earlier in the week MacRumors had done some digging and found that the domain for had shifted fully to Apple.

Previously it had been owned by CloudMe, the product offering from company Xcerion — it wasn’t until Xcerion rebranded its iCloud product on April 5th that things started to fall into place.

With an estimated cost of $4.5 million for the domain, it now shows Apple as the official owner. This means whatever actually happens, Apple’s now free to do what it wishes with the iCloud website and brand.

It won’t be long until we know. There’s only a weekend to go till WWDC. This photo certainly suggests it’s on its way.

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