Apple Plans Second Data Center For North Carolina

New plans for a second data center in North Carolina have been discovered. Apple is already at work building a massive solar farm in Maiden, North Carolina, but it looks like they’re not even close to being done. The new data center will cost $1.8 million, and store server clusters in a whopping 21,030-square-foot area.

According to the Winston Salem Journal,

Mechanical permits for 5977 Startown Road, Maiden, call for the installation of 22 air conditioners, five fans, 14 humidifiers, six electric unit heaters, one electric duct heat louvers and ductwork. It will have only one unisex bathroom.

The building will also include some security measures. A “man trap” at each end of the site will require any visitors to be quarantined and cleared, before allowing them to enter the main areas of the building. The new center will also be surrounded by an 8-foot-high chain-link security fence to keep out unwanted visitors, although I don’t think it would be that hard to climb…

Apple also has several other data centers underway including Reno, Nevada, and Prineville, Oregon, to help manage the large amounts of data they deal with on a daily basis.

It seems like Apple continues to expand their real estate.

Source: Winston Salem Journal via 9to5Mac

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