Apple Patents An NFC Alternative

NFC hasn’t really taken off, so Apple has yet to put the technology into any of their devices. However, this doesn’t mean that Apple’s totally blowing off the technology. In fact, Apple was just granted a patent to an NFC alternative, which, according to Patently Apple, allows users to exchange information via “triggering network device discovery”. Patently Apple has said the following about the patented technology:

Apple has received a Granted Patent relating to techniques for triggering a process within a portable electronic device that identifies itself for purposes of establishing communications with another device that is in proximity.

If Apple was to use this technology in future iterations of the iPhone and iPad, I doubt it would be well received. Though Apple is known for going their own way and using proprietary technologies in their devices, I feel as if NFC is a universal technology like USB and the 3.5mm audio jack. And even though NFC still isn’t mainstream yet, the technology is already in some Android devices and most Blackberry handsets. Visa/MasterCard already has a payment platform up and running too, so it would only make sense for Apple to go the NFC route in terms of mobile payments in the future.

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