Apple MacBooks take top spots in Consumer Reports laptop ranking

Generations by Robert S. DonovanWhat’s that? Still stinging from Consumer Reports taking the iPhone 4 off its recommended list? Well, this might make you feel better. Taking the top spots in the 11-inch, 13-inch, 15-inch and 17-inch categories, Apple only failed to come first in the 14-inch category, likely because they don’t make a 14-inch laptop. If they did, they probably would have won that one too.

Consumer Reports laptop rankings require a subscription to access, but the Loop is reporting that Apple’s 11-inch MacBook Air beat Gateway and HP models with a score of 62, while it dominated the 13-inch category taking the top 5 out of 7 available spots. In the 15-inch category, Apple took the top three spots, and in the 17-inch category it took the top two spots.

Consumer Reports has generally been kind to Apple, naming the 2010 MacBook Airs as best in class, and hailing the iPad 2 as the best tablet on the market. So it’s not surprising that the MacBooks swept the rankings.

It’s easy to dismiss Consumer Reports as being a dated publication, with its reviews and rankings of everything from computers to hair dryers. But over the years they have staunchly been on the side of the consumer, and have a loyal audience. I know my parents’ generation trust what they have to say. Those of us who are more tech savvy might tend to rely on other sources for our reviews, but for the average consumer, the ones who are considering purchasing a laptop for their college kid, or looking for a new computer to replace their aging Windows XP laptops, Consumer Reports continues  to matter.

Article Via AppleInsider
Photo Credit: Robert S. Donovan

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