Apple Looking Into Using IGZO Display Tech For Next iPhone, iPad

Apple is reportedly furthering discussions with Sharp about using the company’s IGZO display technology in the next iPhone and iPad lineups. Rumors like these have been circulating over the past year, but no Apple products have yet included the technology.

Sharp’s screens are thinner and more efficient than those used in current Apple devices, but Apple has been unable to use the technology so far because of Sharp’s initial setback with production delays.

These supply constraints seem to be a continuing concern, as Apple is reportedly looking into whether or not AU Optronics’s “L5C” line can be used to produce the new technology. On top of that, Innolux Corporation has also reportedly been licensed by Sharp to use its IGZO technology on its 3G and 5G lines, which means the company could become part of Apple’s supply chain in the future.

Using Sharp’s IGZO technology for Apple’s device screens could mean thinner and smaller devices, which is obviously something Apple would be interested in. The third-generation iPad was thicker and heavier because of the bigger battery needed to support the Retina display and the iPad mini is likely missing out on Retina display this time around to keep the device as thin and as light as possible. If Apple is able to make thinner screens, it would mean thinner devices overall, even with the bigger battery needed for Retina displays.

Image Credit: TechRadar

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