Apple Lawyer Says That The Department Of Justice’s eBook Price Fixing Suit Is “Bizzare”

Today during the opening statements of Apple’s eBook price fixing trial, Apple’s lawyer Orin Snyder called the Department of Justice’s suit “bizarre” and later said that the government is “reverse-engineering a conspiracy” during the eBook suit. He also rehashed the argument saying that Apple didn’t work secretly with publishers to inflate eBook prices on the iBookstore and that the publishers did this on their own terms.

Apple lawyer Orin Snyder also said the following on the suit:

When the U.S. government brings a case, many assume it must have merit. But even our government is fallible, and sometimes the government just gets it wrong. Apple did not conspire with any publisher individually, collectively or otherwise to raise industry prices.

All of the publishers involved in this case have settled, but Apple is being a lone wolf and staying in for the fight. The trial is scheduled to run for the next three weeks and will include many of Apple’s top executives, including Eddy Cue. Tomorrow we will see Apple’s attorney Kevin Saul continue his testimony. Saul is known for handling legal issues regarding iTunes, apps and iBooks.

Game on…

Image Credit: Glenn Fleishman

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