Apple Is Most Valuable Retailer Based On Sales Per Square Foot, Doubling Tiffany’s Sales

Once again, Apple is the most valuable retailer based on sales per square foot, according to the latest Retail Sails analysis. Apple’s retail stores earn $6,050 per square foot, compared to Tiffany & Co., which makes $3,017 per square foot, coming in second after Apple.

Retail Sales provides a comprehensive analysis of store productivity measures for a cross-section of over 200 American retailers across 15 sectors and operates more than 200,000 stores and generates $1.6 trillion in retail stores sales.

Other than these two companies, no company managed to pass the $2,000 per square foot mark. Lulu Lemon came the closest, though, with $1,936. Apple’s sales per square foot grew from last year, where it earned about $5,626 per foot. Apple’s success in retail stores was revealed during the company’s quarterly conference call where Apple announced that it earned $4.2 billion in retail sales in Q4. Apple also opened 33 new stores in 2012, bringing the total up to 390 Apple retail locations across the globe.

In looking at the highest overall sales per store, Apple was among the top ten and came in ninth with $51,148. Costco Wholesale took the top spot with $137,170 per store. Sam’s Club, Walmart, and Nordstrom were also among the top ten.

Image Credit: AppleInsider

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