Apple Introduces iCloud Drive, Mail Drop At WWDC

iCloud’s file storage features always seemed a bit incomplete compared to what you find with other cloud storage services like Dropbox. But during Apple’s 2014 WWDC keynote on Monday, Craig Federighi, Apple’s head of Software Engineering, announced that iCloud is getting two new features to make accessing and sharing files in iCloud a little easier: iCloud Drive and Mail Drop.


iCloud Drive is a bit like Dropbox or Google Drive: It’s a cloud-based repository that can you can access through both iOS, OS X, and now, Windows. On OS X and Windows, iCloud Drive appears as if it were an external drive, allowing you to drag-and-drop files to upload them to the cloud. On iOS, you can upload files to your iCloud Drive using the app selection menu. iCloud Drive will come built into iOS 8.

Mail Drop, on the other hand, is a feature that allows OS X users to send large attachments to other email users by way of iCloud. When sending an attachment using Mail Drop, your recipient gets a link to download said attachment. Attachment sizes are capped at a pretty massive 5GB.

Image via Gizmodo

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