Apple provides helpful FAQ document for MobileMe to iCloud transition

In an official FAQ document published today, Apple has stated that a web interface with the corresponding web apps for iCloud email, calendar, contacts and Find My iPhone will launch this fall.

The document gives an overview of the features that will be available in iCloud when the service launches later this fall, showing that the Photo Gallery, iDisk and the iWeb publishing applications will be discontinued as of June 30, 2012.

That is the date on which MobileMe will be completely turned off, and all users will have to migrate to iCloud before then. Existing MobileMe users will be able to keep their existing or address and move their data over to the new service. “Apple will provide details and instructions on how to make the move.

Since there hasn’t been any official announcements yet, most of us weren’t sure if there will be a web interface for the new iCloud services. MobileMe provides web apps for all its core services so that the user can access his data from any computer. Apple’s official statement reads: “Web access to iCloud Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and Find My iPhone will be available at this fall.

Apple also advises you to keep copies of all the files you have in your iDisk or your MobileMe photo gallery on your hard drive, as those services won’t be a part of iCloud and will be deleted on June 30, 2012. The same is true for iWeb websites you host on your current account. Apple provides this support document to assist you in moving your site from MobileMe to another hosting service.

Another question which many of us have is also answered in Apple’s new FAQ document: Can we merge our iTunes account and MobileMe account together if we use two different ones? Apple’s answer: “No. You cannot merge two accounts into one. However, you will be able to move your MobileMe account ( to iCloud and, if you choose, you can continue to use a different iTunes account for store purchases and iTunes in the Cloud.

There are a lot more helpful answers provided in this new document, so we advise you to go and have a look for yourself.

Via: TechCrunch
Source: Apple

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