Apple gets permission to land its mothership in Cupertino

As a follow up to Steve Jobs’ proposal for building a new, spaceship-like campus in Cupertino yesterday, the city’s mayor Gilbert Wong announced today that “There is no chance that we’re [Cupertino City Council] saying no.

The new campus will be built and ready to use by 2015, if everything goes according to plan, but Wong already announced “The mothership has landed in Cupertino.

In his speech during the press conference the mayor made clear that this quick decision has not at all been influenced by personal preferences (his daughter goes to the same middle school as Jobs did), but that whenever there is a large company in Cupertino, the city is “very accommodating to that company.

The Cupertino City Council launched a special website for the project where you can follow all the latest news and get access to media material, ie. Jobs’ presentation slides.

Article Via TechCrunch

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