Apple is fighting for your privacy rights alongside Dropbox

Online privacy is obviously already a hot ticket item (did you watch any f8 yesterday?), but surprisingly there’s a lot of major tech players joining the fight to protect your “user privacy” in court and with Congress. According to the EFF, Apple is one of those companies not only joining the fight, but also doing a “stellar job” already. Also doing a stellar job according to the EFF is Amazon, Dropbox, Microsoft, and, wait for it, Google.

Both Apple and Dropbox were added to the EFF’s Who has your Back chart on September 22, 2011, because both companies joined the Digital Due Process coalition.

The Digital Due Process Coalition was put together to encourage the US government to update the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) for a more modern world. The ECPA, originally created in 1986, specified standards for law enforcement access to electronic communications, as well as put into place a set of privacy protections. Both Apple and Dropbox have joined a coalition in an attempt to update those standards.

Personally, I’m not sure what surprises me more, major tech corporations still caring about user privacy, or Google and Facebook fighting congress in the name of privacy. You know who’s surprisingly absent? Comcast, Skype, Twitter, and Verizon, better described as “communications” companies.

Via: AppleInsider

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