Apple Enables Shareable Reminders In Its Reminders App

We’ve had Reminders for a while now, but unfortunately Apple didn’t ship the application with shareable tasks or groupings, making the application slightly less useful than one would expect from a reminders application in 2012. Today, Apple’s enabled reminder sharing for its apps and, giving OS X users the ability to share a grouping of reminders with a group of people.

In Reminders, you can now create a reminder grouping, and then share that particular reminder group with one, two, or a dozen people. Great for group projects. However, it’s currently impossible to share a particular reminder with a particular individual within a group. It also not possible to share a reminder directly from the iPhone or iPad currently, which is pretty disappointing. Hopefully a quick update to its iOS application will bring sharable functionality to iOS. It’s hard to believe that it isn’t on the horizon. The shared reminders do sync with iOS, and you can also set them up via the iCloud web portal.

It’s a nice start, but Reminders has a long way to go before it finds its way back into my life. Sharing reminders is a start, but sharing individual tasks with a person is a necessary next step.

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