Apple Now Driving Prices Down For eBooks

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The DOJ, Apple, and publishers have been in a ridiculous slap-fight over agency pricing. Meanwhile, Apple is being forced to play the price war game with Amazon. paidContent points out that two bestselling books that were on Amazon for $10.94 and on the iBookstore for $9.99 are particularly interesting. Not long after Apple dropped below the ten dollar mark, Amazon followed suit.

This could mean some very interesting events are in store for the eBook market. Until Apple is allowed to sell books the way it wants to, Apple might just be able to do to Amazon what Amazon did to Apple in the music space: play both ends against the middle. We could see Apple in the coming months working with publishers to undercut Amazon’s domination in the eBook market. While that is far from a forgone conclusion, it is an interesting theory, and one that would likely benefit customers greatly.

If you’re doing the majority of your reading on an iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone, you should probably shop around from here on out. Don’t just assume that Amazon is going to have the best deals. In fact, we might just see some bargain basement pricing coming in the iBookstore. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out as the eBook market continues to evolve, and we’ll keep you in the know.

Source: paidContent

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