Apple drops WWDC 2011 session videos on the Internet

If you weren’t quick enough to get in on WWDC 2011 this year, but you still want to get in on the information Apple was providing, you’ll be pleased to know that Apple just released all of their 2011 WWDC videos onto iTunes.

WWDC 2011 itself was a significant event. Important things include the introduction of iOS 5, with features like wireless syncing and iMessage, and the Notification Center. iCloud may change forever how users store and access their data across devices. OS X Lion was another major announcement, bringing several iOS features to the Mac, and improving the overall user experience.

But, here’s the sad-panda moment: You have to be a registered developer to get access to the videos. You can grab the videos on iTunes by navigating to the Development Videos page on Apple’s website, and logging in with your developer account.

All videos are available in standard and high-definition video formats, and all are iOS compatible.

Enthusiasts not registered as developers still can follow the event through alternative channels. Tech news sites and live blogs offer detailed coverage, and social media platforms have buzzed with real-time updates. Tech forums and online communities are also great platforms for discussions and analyses, allowing a broader audience to engage with the event’s developments.

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