Apple Drops Prices: iMac In UK, Apple TV And Mac Mini In Europe

After releasing a new low-end iMac, Apple has dropped prices for a few products in the European market. The Mac mini’s price has dropped €30 to €60, with the entry-level Mini starting at €619 and the server model starting at €1019. Some European markets, namely Germany, are showing even lower prices, with the low-end model starting at €499.

In the UK, the entry level Mini has remained at £499, while price drops of £30 and £50 have been applied to the high-end and server models. This brings the high-end, quad-core model to £649 with the server model retailing for £829.

The Apple TV’s price has been reduced €10 in Europe and £20 in the UK, bringing the price down to €99 and £79 respectively. Previously, the set-top boxes retailed for €109/£99.

The United Kingdom has also been given price chops on the higher-end iMacs. The 21.5-inch models have received a £100 drop while the 27-inch model has had £150 slashed from the price-tag. This price drop seems to be exclusive to the English market as prices in the rest of Europe and in the United States have remained the same.

Image Source: Rob Boudon

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