Apple announces iTunes U update, now also K-12

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Up to this point, iTunes U has mainly been used for lectures in video and audio form. Somewhat impressively, there have been over 700 million downloads of iTunes U content. Today, Apple is announcing a brand new iTunes U app that will let teachers design and disseminate their entire class.

Teachers can now customize their class, offer a syllabus, update the hours of their availability, and give assignments right inside iTunes U. In addition, the iTunes U app now allows on-demand streaming of any available lecture. No more need to download and sync if you don’t want to.

823b2229 4311 45cb a643 8a45d21eb69diTunes U has been used at the college level up to this point. As of today, K-12 schools can now sign up and use iTunes U as well. Very exciting, and big news for kids.

This wonderful learning app is offered completely for free, and is available in the App Store today.

Image Credit: The Verge

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