iPhone Event Date Set?

Squee. It’s time to start saving. You have just over one month to save enough cash for a new iPhone. According to Re/Code, Apple has set the iPhone event date for September 9th, 2014.

What will we see? Who the hell knows. New iPhones, iOS 8 should be ready to finally ship to the public. Other than that, your guess is as good as mine. Anyone saying anything else is making shit up at this point.

Editor’s Note / Apology:  An earlier version of this post had a title claiming Apple announced the event. They haven’t. It’s purely speculative at this point.  It was really poor editing on my part, and even worse, a mistake made because of nothing more than sheer stupidity and a lack of due diligence.  Feel free to flog me on the interwebs.  Nothing else has changed in the post. We have, however, changed the post title to more accurately reflect the uncertainty surrounding the date.  Deep apologies.

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