Andrea Jung’s board position at Apple may be in trouble

Andrea Jung, soon to be ex-CEO of Avon, serves on the board at Apple. After the kerfuffle with declining revenue, plummeting stock prices, and bribery allegations against her company, Jung’s position on the Apple board might be in trouble.

What about Jung’s role on the boards of General Electric (GE) and Apple? (AAPL) Both companies have standard provisions that require directors to tender resignations if their positions change—and then seek reappointment by the board. That means Jung’s role will have to be reviewed once she steps down as Avon’s CEO, if it hasn’t been discussed already. Apple declined to comment on whether the matter has come up before its board, where Jung chairs the compensation committee.

Overall, the Apple board has been very steady since the return of Jobs in the late 1990s. Truth be told, the only high profile ouster has been Eric Schmidt after it became clear that Google intended to compete with Apple in the mobile space. Kicking out an overall successful business person and the only female representation on Apple’s board won’t be done lightly. Even if the board does decide it is best for the company if she leaves, we wouldn’t be surprised if her public statements make it appear as if she is leaving for personal reasons or to focus on a new venture.

What do you think? Is Jung’s neck on the chopping block, or is her position on the Apple board safe? Sound off in the comment section below this post. A dialogue about all angles of Jung’s recent twists and turns would be useful right about now.

Source: Business Week

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