Apple iAd developer share jumps to 70 percent

Apple has increased the iAd payout for iOS developers to 70 percent from 60 percent. This is good news, not only for developers, but it also gives me an opportunity to use a “big pile of money” graphic, and those are my favorite.

iAds are the Apple-created system for advertising within iOS that shares profits with developers and integrates more elegantly with iOS system-level software. Where six out of every ten dollars once went to the developer, they’ll now get an extra dollar as well, effective immediately. AdAge reports the increase is a response to shrinking ad revenue on iOS and intended to keep developers on board.

The extra money will compensate for lower ad rates and serve as added incentive for developers to build businesses on Apple devices, even though they may grab a bigger audience or more ad revenue creating apps for Google’s Android devices, which now outnumber Apple smartphones in the U.S.

We knew changes would be coming, as Apple announced their plans to increase developer revenue from iAds back in February, but the plan went into action on April 1 of this year.

Source: AdAge
Via: MacRumors


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