Apple knows how much you hate your products getting scratched up

You’ve probably sat on the couch and thumbed your laptop or iPad on more than one occasion. The moment you notice it, you can’t not notice it. The scratches that plague our tech is enough to drive some of us pretty crazy. Apple feels your pain, and they’re experimenting with placing a thin layer of nitride on top of their devices to give it that extra strength and scratch resistance, all while maintaining the beauty of the device.

Where was this two years ago when I decided to lug my MacBook Pro across Europe with me? Apple Insider says that the nitride “is non-magnetic and less likely to inhibit wireless technology like a cell phone signal, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth.” It makes a lot of sense that Apple would be spending their time trying to make their devices a little more rugged. The more people buy these things, the more they want to carry them around naked, without a cover or case for the device.

I hate keeping my iPad in a case, and if I could be assured that it won’t get dinged up, I would leave the case behind.

What about you? Would you trust this process to protect your device, or would you still feel the need to keep it in some bubble wrap while you travel?

Article Via AppleInsider

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