Apple Fun Stuff: Add some vinyl to your Mac

Changing up this post this week from “odd” stuff to “fun” stuff. There isn’t an easier, less expensive way to give your Apple gear some personality. In some cases it’s only a few dollars to spice up your MacBook Pro. For instance, the retro 8bit Apple logo is only $4! For the price of a fancy coffee you can make your Mac as cool or as geeky as you are. However you roll, I’ve got a solution.

Got a Cut the Rope addiction? There’s a sticker for that.

Feeling really pretentious? Go ahead and rock the “Hand of God” vinyl.

This one says to me “I love Twitter so much that I get put in Twitter Jail for over tweeting”. I could be projecting all over it though.

Here’s one that is a bit more manly. I also like that they played off the missing piece in the Apple.

These are awesome. Little translucent colored vinyl that allows the light to show through.

The Snow White decal is not new. I did however find several iterations of it that I hadn’t seen before. The zombie version was new to me. I also stumbled upon a nerdy Snow White, a tatted one with full sleeves and then of course the original full color Snow White.

I saw these featured on a week ago or so. They are little hairdos for your Apple. They come in three lines: Bros, Hos and Mos.

I saved this one for last as it is what I’m currently sporting on my MacBook Air and iPhone. These retro Apple Logos are not translucent so no light shining through on my Air. However, they are so cool that I don’t care.

Hope you like my finds. If you come across any awesome Apple items or even those that makes you say WTF, shoot me an email at and we’ll feature it!

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