Apple Expanding their reach to the Far East?

It looks like Apple is going to be opening a store in Beijing China, just in time for the Summer 2008 Olympics. While this may seem like “Who the hell cares, it’s another store opening.” This has some significance. Apple’s reach across the globe is no where near that of the United States, but they are working at it. The 2008 Summer Olympics may be a good time for Apple to expose citizens of every country to the wares that Apple has to offer.

This may also be good for Apple as a whole, since they will be within the ‘Great Firewall of China’ and see exactly how well their other products may do. (Read iPhone). Since It’s well known that Apple will be releasing the iPhone onto the citizen of the Far East in Q4 of 2008 or Q1 of 2009, this may be the best time to see the reception of their products and gauge ways to significantly improve their product to appeal to those with differing writing and typing styles.

Additionally, I would think that should Apple remise this opportunity, that they will be doing themselves and their share-holders a great disservice by not having a presence within the confines of the Olympic Stadium. Given the continued growth of Mac Users, how would you feel if you didn’t have an opportunity to buy a replacement battery, should yours decide to fail during the events. I would severely agitated by this. This news could be great for those users who want to really have a go at one of the finer pieces of art in the world and may not have an Apple Retailer that is close by.

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