Apple Event: iOS 4.1 coming, with HDR photos.


It’s announcement day, and Apple kicked off their iPod event with an announcement about iOS 4.1, and a sneaky peak at iOS 4.2.

Some of the things expected for iOS 4.1 include:

  • Bug fixes [proximity, Bluetooth, iPhone 3G performance]
  • High Dynamic Range photos
  • HD video upload over WiFi
  • TV show rentals
  • Game center

HDR Photos

Perhaps the most notable part of the announcement is the inclusion of HDR photo capability for the device. We’ve all taken photos with our iPhone that didn’t quite look as good as you wanted them to. The lighting is off, or saturation is bad.┬áNow you have HDR, when you turn on HDR it takes 3 photos in rapid succession: one normal, one under exposed, and one under exposed. It combines the three with some pretty sophisticated algorithms, and produces a stunning photo.

4.1 will be a free download available next week for both the iPhone and iPod Touch.