Apple ends personal shopping program in retail stores

According to Apple retail-watcher site ifoAppleStore, Apple has ended the Personal Shopping program in its retail stores:

All references to the service have been erased from the company’s Web site, and the Personal Shopping link now re-directs surfers to the main Retail page. Individual stores pages and the Apple Store app have also been updated. According to sources, the change became effective yesterday and stems from the belief that every customer should receive the same attention and amount of service.

The Personal Shopping program started several years ago, and allowed customers to reserve an Apple Store salesperson (or “Specialist,” in Apple jargon) for up to an hour of individual attention. During this time, Specialists could answer questions, help pick out software and hardware, and even setup a Genius Bar appointment to have data migrated for the customer.

While many customers enjoyed the special attention, it often left other customers without help, especially during high-traffic periods. By freeing up time and resources dedicated to Personal Shopping, more customers should be able to receive help and attention — something that is good for everyone.

Photo credit: ifoAppleStore

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