Apple approves 3rd Party iPhone Browsers.

    Well, people have been complaining and Apple has listened. Apple has started to approve 3rd party web browsers for the iPhone. The list is small and not very impressive so far, but we are sure to see many more in the coming weeks. One of the browsers is called Edge Browser and is free. This browser offers very little in usability. You basically set a page in preference and that is it. No navigation after you launch the browser. I haven’t checked out the others. They range in price from $.99 to $1.99. If you are waiting for Firefox or Opera you may not have to wait to much longer. We know that Opera has an iPhone browser waiting so we may see that as early as next week. But how will all these browsers compare to Mobile Safari? I for one am very happy with Safari on my iPhone and will not be using any of the 3rd party solutions.

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