Apple addressing trackpad issues

It’s been well documented that Apple’s been having some quality control issues over the last year. Mobile Me is still being wonky, the iPhone 3G activation process didn’t go so well, the AppStore NDA debacle and take downs, and now glass trackpad issues.

What Apple has done really well, however, is fill us in on what has been going on, and taken the problems seriously. The blame might not be to the liking of most reporters or pundits, but how many other companies call customers who have reported issues? It doesn’t happen to often that’s for sure. Maybe Applecare should be changed to AppleCare’s.

Glass trackpads have been acting wonky as well, and Apple has apparently heard consumer outcrys. A blogger over at took it upon himself to email that trusty address. He got a phone call from someone who clearly had previous knowledge of the issues, whom also alluded to the fact that Apple was researching the issue.

“He told me that Apple is researching the clicking issue. They have no resolution of it and, of course, there’s not really an official acknowledgment of it, but they are checking into it because they’ve heard the complaint frequently”

There’s a rule of thumb when dealing with new products, that seem to be holding true for Apple as well these days. When buying a first reivision of a new model (of anything really), you should be ready to have some issues. It’s not fair, and it should have come that, but new has become synonymous with wonky. Apple has been a whole lot of new lately, and even more wonky. But, take solace…they’re working on it!

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