Amazon drops the price on Apple TV 2 and renames it

Just when we thought Apple was afraid of lower prices, the Apple TV price tag dropped! Yes, you read right: Today, Amazon cut the price from $99 to $89.99. That’s a $9.01 drop for those of you who can’t – you know – subtract. But that’s not the interesting part. The little black box is now called the “2010” edition. Wait, what?

Could this mean another box is on its way? That would be a bit different being that the time it took for the first generation Apple TV to receive an update was about two and a half years. For an update to come only a year later would be pretty cool. What do you think? An Apple TV 3rd-generation this holiday season? Is an actual Apple television on the horizon?

Start the rumor mill. Things are about to get serious.

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