The Mist Gets The Grime Off Your MacBook and iOS Displays

If you’re an avid iPad user, chances are your screen is full of fingerprints. And while there are quite a few ways to remove these fingerprints, carrying a bottle of screen cleaner and a microfiber cloth can get a bit tedious. However, the folks at AM Labs have found a way to make this task less of a pain in the ass with the Mist, a cleaning block for all of your electronic gadgets.

The AM Labs Mist is a little rectangle that combines a bottle of screen cleaning spray with a super soft, microfiber cleaning cloth. When you’re ready to clean your screen, all you have to do is spray a pump of the Mist’s solution onto your iPad’s screen and wipe it down with the side of the bottle, which just happens to be coated in microfiber cloth.

The Mist comes in both orange and green and features beautiful lines and rounded edges to match the sleekness of your MacBook, iPad, and other Apple devices.

You can purchase a Mist for roughly $21. Each Mist comes with 10.5 ml of bacteria killing cleaning solution.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.