All the signs hint at a MacBook Pro refresh

Evidence has begun to suggest that we’re on the verge of a MacBook Pro refresh. Some of the most telling evidence has come from retailers with missing or deleted SKUs for current MacBook Pro models. When SKUs go missing people tend to notice.

There have been screenshot from a Best Buy employee circulating the internet, and they show that the current 13.3″ MacBook Pro with a 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo has been deleted. When this is paired up with the GeekBench results for a MacBookPro 6,1 (which currently doesn’t’ exist)  it’s starting to become apparent the Apple’s up to something fishy.  Oh, but we’re not done yet.

The biggest indicator could be that Amazon has reduced prices on their current MacBook Pros. These are advertised below the minimum advertised price, and typically these type of reductions point towards a refresh.

There was another tidbit of information that suggests that a refresh is imminent, Intel slipped with an advertisement that rewarded the winner with a shiny new MacBook Pro with an Intel Core i5 processor.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we all know that this is an eventuality. Apple’s current offering is exclusively with the Core 2 Duo chips, and those newly minted iMacs that were released in October probably would prefer some portable cousins that can keep up.

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