All Coders should try Snippet

There’s a lot of applications out there that just reduplicate applications that someone else has done, a reworking of a tagging tool, or a new way to get a swatch from a website, but every now and then you see something that hasn’t been done before.

Snippet really takes coding to the next level. Anyone who’s ever programmed more than one project knows that code is an excellent resource for getting projects off the ground quickly. Do you need to program a new login system? If you have done it before, why not recycle the code.

It’s always a pain to go back and search through your code, trying to find the right file. Snippet helps with this. It lets you tag, and store your code to a clipboard that is fully searchable. For instance, I got tried of creating the same layout for a Yui based site over and over again. Instead I did it once and put it into snippet. I can now type Yui-B in the snippet search and it’ll copy the code to my clipboard so that I can paste it into my editor of choice. Two clicks and I’m done. The limits are endless and the time being saved is monumental. I can spend more time completing projects and less time trying to find code to reuse.

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