After all you already have a remote.

A couple months back I was asked on Twitter about using a not so “Mighty Mouse” as a keynote clicker to navigate slides. While it works, it is kind of a pain. Those “Mighty Mouse” peripherals are not exactly ergonomic. I’ve often thought about the possibilities of using the Apple remote that once shipped with all Macs that had an Infrared (IR) port. I let the thought go, but today I was reminded about how useful a wireless remote can be. A nice little application named Mira lets you control keynote. But wait, there’s more. It also lets you control about a hundred other applications including: acrobat, airfoil, aperture, final cut, front row, ical, mail, and word. Wait, don’t surf away yet. It also lets you add any application you want, and setup what each of the buttons on that Apple remote does. Pretty nifty if you ask me.

The only downside, I own a Mac Pro, so I won’t be testing this one out any time soon. If any of you have, or would like to give the application a go, feel free to write up a review and email me it. I’ll get you a “guest post” on our front page.

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