Add Some More Fun To Your iPhone 5C With The Melt From SwitchEasy

If you’re a 90’s child, chances are some of your childhood was spent watching people get ‘slimed’ on Nickelodeon. And if you want to relive a bit of those memories in the present day, you can with the Melt case for the iPhone 5C from SwitchEasy.

The Melt offers one piece design that features an interesting, slime-like effect on its rear shell that adds a bit of uniqueness and style to your iPhone. As far as protection goes, the Melt offers a hydro polymer casing. This allows the case to protect you from damage due to drops.

You can purchase the Melt for $28 in five different colors: Toxic Lime, Orange, Shocking Pink, Hot Gold, and Marshmallow White.

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Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.