‘About This Mac’ gains huge overhaul in Lion

The “About This Mac” window is probably familiar to most Mac users. Housed right inside the Apple menu, About This Mac gives users quick access to their system’s vital information.

In Snow Leopard and previous versions of Mac OS X, clicking the “More Info…” button has launched System Profiler, which includes way too much information for the average user.

In OS X Lion, Apple is changing that.

System Profiler is still around — via that “System Report” button — but in Lion, About This Mac has learned some new tricks. Here’s what happens in OS X Lion when More Info is clicked:

The tabs across the top of the window show key component information for the system:

The two links on the far right — Support and Service — offer quick access to various parts of Apple’s customer support system:

OS X Lion will be available next month for $29.99 in the Mac App Store.

Stephen Hackett, formerly a Lead Mac Genius at Apple, now spends his days running the IT department of a large non-profit in Memphis, TN. He writes about Apple, design and journalism at forkbombr.net. Like all twenty-somethings, you can find him… Full Bio