A Little Patience Gets You Better Deals On Apple Stuff


It’s true that, in this day and age, claims about Apple being exorbitantly more expensive than their PC counterparts are grossly exaggerated, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t love to get better deals on our Apple gear. It turns out that if you have a bit of patience and you know what you’re looking for, it’s easy to score what you want for a considerably lesser price.Those smart fellows and ladies over at Lifehacker have once again given a bit of rarely-seen insight into when to get the best prices on your Mac by looking at what Dealnews has to report with regard to Apple gear. It looks like resellers are quite willing to drop the price of your favorite computer gear… just not right away.[quote]Most of the products are discounted by authorized Apple resellers within two weeks after release. For example, waiting just a day on the MacBook Air can save you $49 and a week for the iMac can save you $94. After the first deal, expect the best deal a few months after release: e.g., wait 3 months for the MacBook Pro to save $299. If you’re looking for iPad discounts, you’ll need a bit more patience.[/quote]They also suggest you think seriously about buying refurbished products from Apple, which can really shave a considerable slice off the price as well.Source: DealnewsVia: Lifehacker


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