6/5 News Roundup: We’re Pretty Sure Samsung’s Math Is Wrong

T’was the Friday before WWDC and all through the Web, bloggers took to their sites and made bad predictions. Or made fun of said bad predictions by mangling classic literature. Whatever. In either case, here are a few highlights from around the tech world…

Samsung’s Ads Employ Fuzzy Math

Samsung launched a new ad campaign this week that extolls the virtues of its Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Edge S6. Some of the ads are effective (like the one talking up the wide-angle lens on the S6), and others are less so (I have yet to see how the Edge display is anything more than a gimmick). But while clever, the “6>6” tagline is enough to make grade school math teachers cry. [MacRumors]

Jason Snell Asks, ‘Is The Apple Watch Intuitive?’

Does the Apple Watch try to take on too much—so much so that it’s difficult to use? Some commentators expressed concern that the Apple Watch would be too complicated to use, but Jason Snell, my former IDG colleague, suggests that it doesn’t take too long to figure out how to use the Watch. [Six Colors]

Apple Drops Two-Year AT&T iPhone Contracts

AT&T is phasing out two-year contracts, and Apple is more than happy to help: As The Mac Observer notes, Apple dropped two-year contracts for AT&T iPhones in favor of the AT&T Next payment scheme. With AT&T Next, you don’t owe anything up front (aside from sales tax); instead, you pay off the cost of your phone over 12-24 months, and once you’re done, you can upgrade your phone without penalty.[MacObserver]

10k TV Has All The Pixels

You think the 5k display on the Retina iMac is impressive? China’s BOE has the first 10k TV. What would you do with all those pixels? Beats me—there’s hardly any content out for 4k TVs, so you’ll likely have to wait a very, very long time for anything that takes full advantage of a 10k TV. [Gizmodo]

No Skype App Installed? No Problem

Are you using a friend’s computer but need to use Skype? If you’re in the US and UK, you no longer need to download and install the app for one-time use—Skype now offers a Web app client for those times when you can’t be bothered to download another app. The Web app is currently in beta, and plays nice with Safari 6 and newer on OS X. You will need to install a plugin, though, but this is better than nothing. [PCMag]


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