3 Weight Loss Applications for the iPhone

In November I went on Weight Watchers to loose weight.  They offer a service called eTools, an additional service that I didn’t want to have to pay a monthly fee for.  It basically allows you to track your points online or on your iPhone. There are additional features as well.  This is when I turned to the iTunes App Store for some free and paid apps.  I found few apps that were just as good as eTools for tracking.  For the uninitiated tracking is how you know how many points you have every day to put towards your food.  Think of it like a monetary budget, you only have so much money to spend a day.  There’s my little plug for Weight Watchers.

iLog It

The first app I found was iLog It.  Out of the apps that I looked at this was the only one that used a points system that I could track my points with.  This app is free in the iTunes Store.  I find this app in-disposable in my goal to loosing weight.  iLog has a favourite feature, where you store the food with the associated points.  This saves you from having to constantly re-enter foods you commonly eat.  This app also allows you to look back at logs from previous days and weeks.  For example, sometimes I forget to enter what I had for dinner or a snack I had the previous day.  I simply go back to that day and enter in my missed items.

Eat This Not That

The second app I found was Eat This Not That.  This app is $4.99 in the Apps store, and there is a book of the same name.  Eat this Not That is great to have on your iPhone when you’re out and about.  You can search a large majority of restaurants, as well as supermarkets.  It gives you detailed nutrition information from the restaurants menu or food from the supermarket.  I like carrying this around instead of the book.  Plus they also offer substitutes for many unhealthy foods, which is great when you’re craving unhealthy foods.

Lose It!

The final app I tried out was Lose It!.  I found this app to be very similar to Eat This Not That; however, this app is free.  The difference I found with this app was its Social Networking feature.  It allows you to connect to Twitter or Facebook to share your progress.  If you’re not signed up with either of these Social Networking services, you can also email your progress to others.  This is under Motivators in the more section of the App.

If you’re like me, and your on your way to shedding the pounds, I hope you find these iPhone apps helpful.  There are plenty more apps to choose from in this category.  So, if these are not your cup of tea check out others in the Apps Store.

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