12-Core Mac Pros now Available

Are you in need of the Ferrari of computers? Looking for something with some real pep? Well, Apple just released the brand new Mac Pro with two 2.66 Ghz six-core Westmere Xenon processors. If you want even more juice, you can bump it up to two 2.93 Ghz six-core Westmere Xenon processors for an additional $1,200 USD.

The stock model is just under $5,000 USD, but once you add all of the hardware and software fixin’s, it can go above $22,000 USD. This really is a beast, and I wouldn’t mind getting to play with one for a couple of hours.

Are you going to get this monster-Mac? I want to know why. Maybe you’re a professional in the movie industry looking for a rendering box. Heck, you might be a pirate looking for a way to transcode your stolen property fast. Let us know why you need so much power in the comment section of this post.

Article Via Cult of Mac

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